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EMK wireless By Zapata Racing

With the Zapata Wireless throttle EMK system you will be able to control any of the Zapata hidropropulsed “toys” wirelessly with a remote control that you will have in your hand and that has a trigger to control the throttle power, so you won’t need a second person sitting on the jetski giving you power. Our Wireless throttle system works with jetskis of all brands. It requires an initial installation which will have to be made by a mechanic. Once installed you will be able to start and stop the Jetski plus control the power wirelessly. The Wireless throttle system incorporates different positions to accommodate the maximum throttle depending on the experience of the rider.

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Composition of the Wireless throttle kit: Receiver, remote, receiver mount, throttle cable and connectors.

Remote made from ABS plastic with positive buoyancy.

Throttle trigger Works with internal magnetic system.

Wireless control of start, stop and throttle of the jet ski.

Integrated system to limit the maximum throttle as well as safety system which detects when user falls into the water and stops the motor.

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