About our FlyBoard shows

Our FlyBoard show is made by Lindsay McQueen, one of the best FlyBoarders in the world. With more tan 500 shows made around the world McQueen is without a doubt the artist with the most experience and know how. The show is made with the latest model FlyBoard (Pro series) equipped with a lighting system that lights up the 2 water jets with 18.000 lumen power, thus achieving a magical effect at night. These lights combined with the waterproof LED suit and the specially chosen music for each ocasion tohether with the tricks made on the FlyBoard make an impressive show with a Wow factor that will leave the audience astonished, even more so if the show is in a swimming pool, as the audience can’t imagine that all kind of flips and tricks can be made flying in the air propulsed by 2 water jets in such a small space. The length of this show without complements is between 4 and 10 minutes. Visit our new web for more information about our other shows.