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JetPack By Zapata Racing

The Jetpack by ZR® is a real life JetPack propulsed by water pressure. It is propulsed in the air to a maximum height of 8 metres. In order to achieve this it uses water under pressure which is received with a hose that is connected to a JetSki. With the JetPack by ZR® you can hover and fly forwards. The height and turns are controlled by a handlebar similar to that of a bicycle. JetPack by ZR® incorporates an ergonomic seat and a 5-pin safety belt similar to the ones used in rally cars, with an automatic release system.

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Adjustable rear torsion bar, to be adjusted depending on the users experience. Carbon fibre reinforced plastic construction makes the JetPack by ZR stronger and lighter than its metal counterparts. Adjustable handlebar with the possibility of installing the Wireless throttle system directly on the hand grip.

5-point belt system with quick release system.

Ergonomic EVA foam seat.

Nozzles made from anti impact ABS, the same material use don fighter jet cabins

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