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HoverBoard By Zapata Racing

The Hoverboard is a board that has the same format as a snowboard and moves forward and flies to a height of up to 6 metres on top of the water. In order to achieve this it uses water under pressure which is received with a hose that is connected to a JetSki. The feeling if flying with the Hoverboard is similar to making 3D snowboarding. It’s very easy to learn. Practically everyone is doing it in less than 3 tries. The feet are fixed to the board with 2 foot straps which can be changed to suit left foot or right foot forwards. The control of the Hoverboard is made by the weight of the body. If you put more weight on the front the board will go down in height and if you put more weight on the back foot the board will fly on the air up to a maximum height of 6 metres. To turn the board you simply have to put more weight on the toes or on the heels depending if you want to turn left or right.

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Aerospace grade aluminium torsion bar. Water diffuser made from forged aluminium.

Adjustable foot pads, can be adjusted in position and size for a perfect fit of all size feet.

Front and side bumper protector made from ergonomic anti impact rubber.

Board made of carbon fibre with exclusive Zapata design.

Aluminium structure with integrated torsion system for optimal control of the board.

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