Flyboard & Watersports ibiza

The FlyBoard® is a board (similar to a snowboard or wakeboard) that is propulsed on top of the water up to a maximum height of 12 metres. For this it uses water under pressure which is received with a hose that is connected to a JetSki. Depending on the power of the JetSki the FlyBoard® will fly higher or lower, always being able to control the height with the throttle of the JetSki. FlyBoarding is approximately 10 time as easier tan learning to do any other board sport. 99% of people that try it are flying and controlling the board in less than 10 minutes.

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Non-metallic Y-Pipe – Carbon fibre reinforced plastic construction makes the FlyBoard Pro-series and Sport series stronger and lighter tan its metal counterparts

Vented deck plate – Provides lighter weight while water can move freely through the deck. Classic FlyBoard® footprint.

Articulating deck – The FlyBoard Pro series features spring loaded sides allowing the rider to perform quick spins or rotations while helping prevent the rider from spinning out of control.

Adjustable nozzles – Main thrust nozzles feature adjustable discharge angle from 5 degrees forward to 5 degrees backwards.

Adjustable nozzle rings – For pressure control to adapt the horsepower of the PWC and obtain maximum efficiency. in a lot of cases getting up to +25% more power.