FlyBoard in Spain

In January 2012, Franky Zapata (Ex Jetski Racing driver) introduced the FlyBoard® to the world with a video he posted on YouTube that obtained 2 million views in 1 week! From that moment, our company made an alliance with the FlyBoard® when no one else did. After a lot of work, we managed to legalise the use of FlyBoard® in Spain and in the first year we sold more than 50 units to both private users and rental companies. At present FlyBoard® is a recognized product within the water sports industry. A lot of people say that it is the evolution of watersports and is the water sport of the 21st century. Our company, Maremoto Jets S.L. is the current exclusive distributor for Spain and Portugal of all Zapata products. We started our activity in 1991 with JetSkis. At present, we count with the best infrastructure in Europe for the sale, maintenance and storage of JetSkis. After 20 years of continuous evolution, at present we are one of the strongest European distributors of SEA-DOO®, quads®, SSV®, can-am®, FlyBoard®, HoverBoard and JetPack by ZR®. Since 2014, the world ranked rider Lindsay McQueen has joined our team and joined forces so that we can offer the best possible service for all the Hidropropulsed Zapata® products. At our headquarters in Denia we have a specific FlyBoard® warehouse as well as spare parts, customer service, workshop, offices and showroom. We also count with our own rental stations where we offer all kind of activities and instruction courses for all our products, both to private and professional customers. We are the only authorized company that can legally make the official instructor courses of the Zapata products (FlyBoard®, Hoverboard and JetPack by ZR®) as per the current Spanish law for Hidro-propulsed products (Law IS27/05/2013). The instructor that gives these courses is the world ranked rider Lindsay McQueen at our rental station located at Altea (Alicante).

A very profitable business

Every time more and more, new companies and entrepreneurs set up they’re own Flyboard® rental business. It is one of the only watersports related businesses that can pay for itself and make a profit in the first season. Thanks to the publicity that Flyboard® has obtained with famous people Flyboarding around the world and the publicity that its inventor Franky Zapata has made with his new FlyBoard® air that flies with small reactors powered by kerosene, the FlyBoard® has been made popular in an amazing way and every day more and more people want to experiment the feeling of Flyboarding during theyre holidays. At present, there are various brands of hidropropulsed boards, the Flyboard® was the first and since its invention in 2012 by Franky Zapata there have been 4 different versions. At present, other manufacturers are producing products equivalent to the second generation of the FlyBoard® which means they are approximately 3 years behind in comparison to the FlyBoard®. The success of the FlyBoard® has been so strong that the activity of Hydropropulsed sports has been popularized as Flyboarding® when this is actually a commercial brand name. This phenomenon is comparable to Velcro®, Super glue®, etc… Contact us and we will help you with all the necessary information so that you can set up your own Flyboard®, Hoverboard and JetPack by ZR rental business: Permits, insurance, authorizations, Spanish law, instructor courses, equipment sale, etc…